Monday, March 16, 2015

Trying to not be discouraged

Hello everyone.

We have had a very slow week here. We weren't able to meet with any of
our investigators so that was a major bummer. Something else that was
quite disappointing was we had one of our investigators who had a
baptismal date set for this upcoming Saturday not show up to church so
we had to cancel that. She is 10 and her little sister is 8 so they
were both going to be baptized this weekend. We have been trying to
meet with them for the past month but we haven't been able to.

We were in our apartment Saturday night around 7 and I decided we
needed to knock on their door. So we got on the bikes and rode the 3
miles to their house. We were able to talk to the girls but not the
mom. Every time we go over she won't come talk to us face to face she
tells her girls what to say. They told us that we can talk tomorrow
(Sunday) because they were going to come to church. We didn't bring up
anything about the baptism, but the older girl Angie looked at us and
said that its almost the 21st. We told her that's why we wanted to
come and talk to them. We could tell that she was heart broken. We
just said talk to your mom about it and we will see what we can do.

Their mom has been less active for a while. Both of the parents were
members, but they had their dad pass away back in November. The only
thing holding them back is the mom. She wanted to have them baptized,
so we aren't sure what the hold up is now.

Another real downer that happened is that we were in ward council
Sunday morning talking about it. Bishop said that he was in contact
with her a lot this week and on Saturday he got a text from her saying
she was really frustrated because the elders knocked on her door with
out telling her first. So first of all my heart just sank. But he also
said that she told him she would be coming. We were at least excited
that they would be coming. Then 3rd hour hits.

We get out of gospel principles and went over to bishop and he told us
she didn't come. That was the deciding factor between the 21st or not.
The high priest group leader came over and I guess I was looking
pretty down because he put his arm around me and said we are still
doing good things and not to get discouraged. I'm a little
disappointed with the whole situation, but what do you do.

Now less depressing things. On Friday we traveled to centreville and
picked up our new iPads. They are nice....I guess. 32 gigabytes and
increased power. I get to use it for school and other stuff so that
will be good. We have a couple appointments tonight that are going to
be really good.

I'm definitely excited to hit 18 months, but it will be super weird to
send home the sisters that came out with me. Just another step towards
the end. Time really does fly by. Sometimes more than others. It's
also weird to go to activities and your on the older side of things.
Well that's the report. We just got done playing football and ultimate
frisbee. I may have got a mild concussion. A term field isn't as soft
as you might think. I guess we will see.

Thanks for all you do. I know that's not a real detailed email but
that's all that happened.

Love you guys!

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