Monday, March 23, 2015

Baptism date set for April 25th

We have had a pretty good week here. We had a good lesson with a
investigator some Spanish elders found. They have been teaching her
and we finally had a pass off lesson. She is super solid and has a
baptism date set for April 25th. We were also able to talk to one of
our other investigators who has his baptism date set for April 11th
and that is good to go.

Those are the most exciting things that have happened. We did have a
little 18 month mark celebration with some other elders. One of them
was elder Wilson my former companion in Belmont ridge, and Elder
Karbach who I served with in Centreville. We played some games as
well as some racquetball. I never realized how much I like racquetball
until I played that night.

This week I have tried to take it easy because my head still hurt from
last p day. Hard to do as a missionary. Today we went to great falls.
We got some super sweet pictures that I will send. Glad to know hat
everything is going good at home. I do think about it more and more
lately. I know that I have less than 6 months and it is starting to
set in. Considering that the sisters that came out with me go home in
10 days so that makes it even worse.

I will be getting a new area and a new companion on the 9th. At least
there is about a 95% chance of that happening. You have asked me a
couple times when my release date is. I believe that I will fly in on
the 18th. That should be the Friday I come home. They did make this
transfer a long transfer so It could be a week after as well. I'm not
for sure on that.

That's all for this week. Love you guys!

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