Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Every week is good in the Kingdom of God

Good afternoon!

We have had a good week here, but then again every week is good in the
kingdom of God. Face with stuck-out tongue and winking eye
We weren't super busy but we still had some exciting things happen.
Last Monday as you saw we were able to go to great falls. When we come
out here we will have to go there. I also got a few more pictures I
will send from it. That night we had a lesson with our investigator
Jon and his girlfriend Mandy. We talked about the word of wisdom. It
was a good lesson, a little rocky at the start, but smoothed out
towards the end. We have had a hard time knowing where to go from
here. They are both awesome and have shown major progression which is
really good to see.

On Wednesday we had a lesson with a new lady we are working with named
Sherri. She is super awesome. The Spanish elders have been working
with her for a while now so she already has a pretty good
understanding. She has a baptismal goal set for April 25th and we are
excited for that. She didn't come to church this last weekend since
she was sore from the dentist, but she did go to the women's broadcast
on Saturday which was really good. We are going to continue to work
with her.

The Vannie girls that we were working with are still in the back of my
mind, and also in the wards mind. Our bishop had some contact with
them last week and there is a possibility that we will teach them a
few times this week in his home and they will set a baptism date for
April sometime. That is the hope at least. I really pray that the moms
heart is softened and she lets her daughters participate and be

All of the baptisms will be happening after I leave. It makes me super
sad, but I know that I will get to come back for them. I know that
those people we are working with will get baptized. It's just a matter
of when.

We do have Ryan set up for April 11th and that is solid. We were asked
to be the witnesses so that will be cool. But another crummy thing is
that is also transfer week. I will probably be headed to new area on
the 9th. I'm going to do everything in my power to get back here.
Hopefully I don't go too far so it will be easy.

I have really enjoyed the time I have been able to spend in the
Algonkin ward. It has been really awesome and a good ward. One of the
better wards that I have been in. But I am off to my next and possibly
last area if I do get transferred. As of now I only have 24 weeks
left. Pretty weird. But that's still enough time to where I have to
keep focused.

I'll save some stuff to write about till next week so it's not so boring.

Love you guys!

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