Monday, June 8, 2015

Meeting Malachi


Yup we got the cake last night! I had met her once before when we had a tour of the Pentagon. She works there and I was able to meet her there.

Sounds like you guys have been pretty busy lately. I wish we could say the same for us. We have just been trying to think of things to do to keep us busy. We were able to deliver a copy of the Book of Mormon, and a Bible to a lady that we talked to a couple Saturdays ago. We have a lesson set up with her this upcoming Thursday so hopefully that will turn into something good.

We do have some other lessons set up as of right now. On Tuesday we have Jamie and Prasad that we are meeting with. They have been the hardest to contact recently because he always travels up to Pittsburg. It has made it really hard to get anywhere with them. We also have a lesson on Thursday evening at 5 with a guy named Malachi.

Malachi is married to a recent convert as of about a year. They were recently married just this last week. She is actually the daughter of a ward missionary here in the ward. He has attended church a bunch of times both when they were down in Texas as well as here. Yesterday we had his father in law who is the member come up to us and tell us that he wants to take the lessons. So we are going to go in on Tuesday and hit it hard and see how far we can get with this guy. We have seen him speak in classes as well as he got up in fast and testimony meeting. Those are always interesting to listen to. You never know where it will end up.

I will check the mail today. We do have a dinner tonight with an awesome member who cooks us 7 course meals. I have a good dinner planned out. WE will have to take some pictures. So currently we have elder Wilson and Elder Koloti over. Myself and elder Wilson were companions about 10 months ago when I was still in the Belmont ridge ward. We ended up staying up all night long! probably not the best idea, but oh well. We played basketball at 7 am and then had some Mcdonalds.

We do have a few people coming out of the wood work so we are happy about that. Hopefully we can help them progress to the next level.

Thank you guys so much for the birthday wishes. It means a lot. I cant believe spencer gets home in 2 weeks. That just means that I am right behind.

Thanks for everything!

I love you!!!

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